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Steve Hickok


2013 George Schipporeit Intallation, Interior Design & Art, Chicago, IL
          Novologic, 7 Room Installation, Atlanta, GA
          Mural Installation, GSB, Tempe, AZ
          Redbull Commissioned Product Design
2012 "Summer Exhibition", TEW Gallery, Atlanta
          "Steve Hickok" and "Moon Lee", Able Fine Art  NY Gallery, New York
          Commission Argenta- San Francisco
2011 Group Exhibition of "Beyond Reality", Able Fine Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
          Solo Exhibition, Able Fine Art  NY Gallery, New York, NY
          Opera Gallery, London, UK
          Opera Gallery, Paris, France
          CAN New York exhibition, NY, US
          Commission: Tribute to Chicago’s Picasso, Chicago, US
          Commission: Burnham Pointe, Chicago, US
2010 San Sebastian, CA, Installation, US
          London Art Invitational, UK
          Odeum, Scottsdale Installation
          Opera Gallery, Paris, France
2009 Opera Gallery, London, UK
          Santa Barbara, CA, Mod Installation, US
2005-2008  The Bridge Solo Exhibition, Atlanta, US
2004  Scottsdale Solo Exhibition, Scottsdale, AZ
1994-1997  Presden Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
1994-1997  White Horse Gallery, Boulder, CO
1994-1997  El Prado Gallery, Sedona, AZ
1994-1997  Suzanne Brown Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
1989-1993  Hickok/ Kaye Exhibition, Scottsdale, AZ

International Arts Movement
Contemporary Art Network

Winner of 2012 AFA Global Art Competition

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