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San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
Studied with: Bruce Nauman; Tom Akawie; Jay Defeo; Jack Frost;
Wally Hedrick; Jim Rienkin; Sam Tchakalian.

2010: KIM FOSTER GALLERY, one person show, New York
2009: Salon d'Oblique, Los Angeles
2009: Kunst Club Hamburg, Germany
2008: Open Studio,hosted by Eiman Aziz, Chair of Arts & Culture Committee at Credit Suisse
2007: Galerie Burkhard Eikelman, Dusseldorf, Germany
2006: Andreas Baumgartel Galerie, One Person Show, Munich, Germany
2006: Kunst Club Hamburg, One Person Show, Hamburg, Germany
2006: Berlin Liste, Berlin, Germany
2005: Gallery Burkhard Eikelmann, Germany
2005: Weisspollack Galleries, New York
2004: Collectors Gallery, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY
2003: Kristen Frederickson Gallery
2003: Kim Foster Gallery
2002: Kim Foster Gallery - Nov/Dec, NYC One person show
2001: Citigroup Building, NYC, one person show, sponsored by Siemen's International
2000: Kim Foster Gallery, New York City, N.Y., One Person Exhibition
1997: Patricia Correia Gallery, L A., CA., One Person Exhibition
1996: FAX Art Week, Association of Danish Graphics, Copenhagen, Denmark
1996: Kim Foster Gallery, New York City, NY
1996: Gensler, “Shades of Green", Santa Monica, CA
1995: Patricia Correia Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1995: Schoolhouse Gallery, Croton Foils, NY
1994: Patricia Correia Gallery, Las Angeles, CA
1993: Patricia Correia Gallery, Los Angeles. CA
1992: Robin Rice Gallery. New York City, NY
1992: Nemeroff Deutsch Gallery, Los Angeles. CA
1991: CB 113 Gallery
1990: Neo-Persona Gallery, New York
1989: Neo-Persona Gallery, New York
1988: Somers Art Gallery, New York
1987: Art In General, New York
1986: Hal Bramm Gallery, New York
1986: Gallery Hirondelle, New York
1985: Ruth Bachoffner Gallery, LA., CA
1985: Virginia Miller Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida
1984: Putney Swope Gallery, Los Angeles
1983: Hasselt Museum, Belgium
1981: C.C. "De Warnade" Museum, Belgium
1981: Sarah Y. Rentschler Gallery, New York
1980: Wunderman; Ricotta; Klien New York City
1980: Allrich Gallery, San Francisco, California
1979: Sarah Y. Rentschler Gallery, New York
1977: NY Law School Gallery
1976: Warren Benedek Gallery, New York
1975: Arte Fiera (International), Italy
1974: New Britain Museum, Connecticut
1974 -1981: Sarah Y. Rentschler Gallery, New York
1974: Soho Center for Visual Arts, New York

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
The Warnade Museum, Tunhout, Belgium
The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield Connecticut
Queens College, Queens, New York

Eisai Pharmeceautical, Tokyo, Japan
A.I.G. - Lever House, NYC
Progress Energy, North Carolina
Duke Energy, North Carolina
Delphane Corp. New York
Arts Magazine Collection
Links Associates, Tokyo, Japan
Chubb Insurance Co., New York
Huntington Bank of Ohio
Shearson Lehman, New York
Siemen's Electronics, New York
Terra's Interno, Inc., Tokyo, Japan
Kidder Peabody Collection, New York
Avatar Brokerage, New York
Mcquilling Brokerage Inc., Houston, Texas
Aetna Life and Casualty Insurance, New York
Plaid Bros. Software, Irvine California
Dubisky & Behrens, New York
Hyatt Collection

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