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“Josephine W.H”


Josephine W. H. @ Context Miami during Art Basel

Date: Dec 5 – Dec 10, 2023




* Review

Art as Meditation, Infinity as Art

Robert C. Morgan

Recalling the publicity that surrounded the astronauts’ initial
landing on the moon in 1969, we may understand the world as being in
a different place today. This is true whether it be in the application of
the physical sciences or in the racial injustices on city streets. From
either perspective, it would appear the spatial enterprises of the past
are still in the process of defining their purpose in terms of a future
For the artist, Josephine W. H.-- who's art has taken her into a realm of
 creativity that exceeds the interstices
of both art and science. For her, art and science belong together, not
apart from one another. They exist as a unity, as a totality within the
universe of time and space.
She works with Lenticular materials in order to create the illusion
of three-dimensional effects. This happens by adhering them precisely
to a two dimensional surface, which constitutes a relatively complex
Initially she draws an image that will transfer on to a computer.
This requires a “touching up” process whereby she prepares the image
for printing. The precision of the Lenticular medium is an essential
aspect of her work. Her goal as an artist is to ensure the abstract
geometric images in her work contain the illusion of three-dimensional
depth for the viewer.

Prior to working with this relatively complex method of spatial art,
Josephine began her career assisting another more experienced artist,
before striking out on her own as a painter for which she obtained
serious attention in art fairs from New York, Los Angeles, and Paris. Her
talent became a noticeable reality.
As a child, Josephine continued each night to observe the infinite
sky and stars while having countless dreams focused on the mysteries
of outer-space. These dreams have continued from childhood into her
mature life as an artist. She continues to lose herself in her work, while
she attends to the sparkling stars or dreams of leaping across planets.
Josephine is an artist who lives inside her art as her forms and dynamic
use of colors live within her.
Regardless of what direction or scale her work moves as an artist,
her highly regarded Central Circular Forms continue to change in the
process. At the moment, she works with a square format with a
circular inset: the smaller works being 60cm x 60 cm and the larger
ones measuring 105 cm x 105 cm. As her work progresses, the forms,
colors, and scale will also change.
Josephine is a unique artist who understands her position as if she
were living somewhere between inner and outer space from one day to
the next. In addition, she recognizes the value of working between
science and art as a means toward giving her forms and ideas a more
significant credibility. Finally, she is unafraid to recognize the position
of others in an ever-changing art world, where, most of all, she is free
to welcome change.
Robert C. Morgan Holds an MFA and Ph.D. and is Professor Emeritus in Art History at the
Rochester Institute of Technology. Author of several books, including The End of the Art World
(NY: Allworth Press, 1998) and Art into Ideas (Cambridge University Press, 1998), he writes
regularly for The Brooklyn Rail and various our publications.

Artist's Statement

Astronauts finally landed on the moon in 1969  and ever since,she was eager to leave.
Josephine made a promise to herself one day leave the Earth and explore the skies. With an expansive imagination
She continued to observe the sky and its stars.
The countless images and dreams she had of space  as a child becomes alive through her work as an adult.
She thinks  back to when all she could see were sparkling stars and loves to lose herself within her works,
leaping across planets, and exploring to where anything is possible






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