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  Jeon Nak  
Vortex-11 200x103cm, New Media (3D Lenticular), 2016
  José Molina  
The Only True God
The Only True God_ColourSerigraphy_40x40cm_15.7x15.7in_2009
  J J Marino  
People 80x80cm, Acrylic on Linen, 2017
  Eunyoung Cho  
Human-he 80x115cm-charcoal on paper, 2008
  Ssungjung Kim  
Don't fight us
Don't fight us 72.7x53cm Acrylic on Canvas 2016
  Misun Chun  
Untitled 100X100cm, Mixed Media on Panel, 2017
  Byungku Lee  
My Village
My Village, 74x74cm, Stainless steel, 2015
  Jiwon Han  
The Balance - 1
The Balance - 1 (Sculpture to Wear, Hair Pin), Fine Silver, Plexiglas , 20" x 12" x 3", 2013
  Soonja Kang  
Empty Mind
Empty Mind, 60cm x 90cm(23.6"x 35.4"), Watercolor on paper, 2014
  Dongyoon Park  
Affectionate Things-…
Affectionate Things-Stair, Hanji on Canvas, 182 x 50 cm(71.6" x 19.7"), 2014
  Youngwoo Kim  
Person & People
Person & People-1222, Bronze, 78cmx17cmx44cm, 1/7, 2014
  Lorenzo Cascio  
Cavallie Gialloblu
Horses, 100x140cm, Mixed media on Canvas, 2006
  Hyeongtae Moon  
Merry Go Round -2
Merry Go Round -2, 65.1 x 80.3 cm, Oil on Canvas, 2013
  Adel Gorgy  
Cosmic Dance - Trace…
Cosmic Dance-Traces of Pollock: From the Portfolio "Traces of Pollock, de Kooning and Warhol" Archival Pigment Print, 40"x 55"(100 x 138 cm) 2013, Edition of 7
  Marsha Solomon  
Purple Passage
“Purple Passage”, 9” x 9”, Acrylic On Canvas, 2013
  Clara L. Mikimoto  
Untitled #009
Untitled_009 75x19cm, Mixed Media, 2016
  Kwanwoo Lee  
Condensation, 92x131cm, Mixed media(Korean Stamps), 2016
  Emilia Dubicki  
Wind and Waterfall (…
Wind and Waterfall (diptych), Acrylic on canvas, 30"x 58", 2015
  Youngho Seock  
Conversations 1-13
Conversations 1-13( 162.2x130.3cm) Mixed Media on Canvas 2017
  Cecily Kahn  
Soul Train
Soul Train, Gouache and Ink on paper to oil on linen, 64"x50", 2013
  Jinseob Yun  
Look III-model IIV
Look III-model IIV, Fiber reinforced plastic, string, fabric, 13.3"x10.6"x42", 2011
  Joungsook Kim  
Communication, 40X40cm,Mixed media,2017
  Minwoo Sung  
Portrait: Myeoneuri-…
Portrait: Myeoneuri-baekkob, 38.2"×63.8",Coloring and golden powder on silk, 2013
  Yunwoo Choi  
Just Another Day
Just Another Day, 11 x 11 x 12(feet), Newspapers, Rasin, Stainless wire 2012
  Michael Zansky  
2AM, Oil on Canvas, 120" x 52", 2012
  Richard Pitts  
Baker City
Baker City, Bronze and Steel, 20"x14", 2009
Cosmos XI
Cosmos XI, Acrylic on Canvas, 89"x32", 2011
  Daecho Park  
Boom Boom
"Boom Boom", Print on Korean Paper, Transparency Light Box with Change Color, 38.9"x50", 2014
  Vicki DaSilva  
NeverSorry, Light Graffiti Photograph, 2011
  Steve Hickok  
Granite Quest
Granite Quest, 72" x 81", Mixed media, 2013
  Augustus Goertz  
The Wise One
The Wise One, Mixed Media, 14" x 14", 2011
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