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Josè Molina

Born in Madrid in 1965, aged 11 José Molina started attending several arts schools, then, while studying at Madrid’s University of Fine arts, he worked in advertising until the age of 35, when he decided to fully devote himself to painting. His first exhibition was in 2004 at Milan’s Galleria Rubin. Between 2005 and 2010 he held a solo exhibition at Milan’s Museum of Science and Technology and Civic Aquarium - curated by renowned art critic and historian Vittorio Sgarbi - and exhibited at other locations and galleries, like Galleria Ca’ di Fra’, Mc2, Fondazione Stelline and Fondazione Mudima. 2013 was a year of great solo and collective shows for Molina; his works were exhibited at Milan’s Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Spazio Oberdan and La Triennale. His first anthological exhibition took place in 2014 at Real Academia de España in Rome, in 2015 he released the volume “Humanitas”, a comprehensive collection of the artist’s production from 2002, and in 2016 he held a solo show at Museo del Mare in Genoa and at Galleria Deodato Arte in Milan. In 2017 at the Royal Palace in Caserta, took place a big anthological exhibition “Landscape after the battle” supported by the Spanish institutions and by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism. Today Josè is present on the international scene, both in Europe and Asia, with a series of solo exhibitions both in private and public spaces. He now lives in Gravedona, Lake Como.

Solo Exhibiton / Presentation
Upcoming Dialogo Della Croce, Curated by Dominique Stella
Santa Maria del Tiglio Church, Gravedona, Lake Como, Italy
L’abbraccio di Cristo, Como’s cathedral, Italy
Soulwoman, Galleria Hernandez, Milan, Italy
2017 Uomini e altri demoni, Curated by Chiara Gatti, Deodato Arte, Milan, Italy
Paesaggio dopo la battaglia, Curated by Lorenzo Canova, Reggia di Caserta, Italy
2016 Veritatis splendor: il senso del divino, Graziani Palace, and Asset Bank, Republic of San Marino
Dolce acqua, Muma Museum, Genoa, Italy
2015 De l’amor y otros demonios, curated by Alessandra Redaelli, Biffi Gallery, Piacenza, Italy
L’altra bellezza, San Pietro in Atrio, Como, Italy
Presentation of the anthological catalogue “Humanitas” and interview by Martina Mazzotta
Mazzotta Foundation, Sormani Public Library, Milan
2014 La sconfitta della Tauromachia, Critical essay by Arturo Lorenzo, Cervantes Institute, Milan, Italy
The World Outside, The World Inside, Ugolini Castle, Verona, Italy
Dioses y hombres. Men and Gods., Brenna Tosatto Villa, Lenno, Italy
Humanity, Fabrik Gallery, Honk Kong
L’arte spagnola a Palazzo Gallio, Curated by Mariella Casile , Gravedona ed Uniti, Italy
Bestias Humanas, Curated by Rosetta Gozzini , Real Academia d’Espana, Roma, Italy
2013 Los Olvidados, Curated by Rosetta Gozzini , Luciana Matalon Foudation, Milan, Italy
Day by Day, Deodato Art Gallery, Milan, Italy
2012 Sentimentos, Lake Art Gallery, Dongo, Como Lake, Italy
2011 Sentimentos, Curated by Claudio Composti, MC2 Gallery, Milan, Italy
Sentimentos y Predatores, Galeria Movart, Madrid, Spain
Presentations of the book “Sentimentos”
Cervantes Institute, Rome, Italy
Tierra del Fuego, Curated by Carmen Pascual, Madrid, Spain
Libux Library, Curated by Franca Castelnuovo Cantù
2010 Cosas Humanas, Mudima Foundation, Milan, Italy

2009 Pencil of paper: artworks by Escher, Gottfried Helnwein and Jose Molina, curated by Alex Pergher
Brixen’s Civic Museum.
Lapis Ludica: 15 artists and a lapis, Catalogue by Esseblu, Preface of Stefano Zecchi,
Stelline Palace, Milan, Italy
Perturbamenti del Potere, curated by Bianca Tosatti. Artworks by Witkins, Warhol, Tiziano
Castle of Pio, Carpi, Italy
2008 Predatores, Curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, Museum of Natural Sciences and Civic Aquarium, Milan, Italy
6 DAYS in Madrid, 6 DAYS in Milan, Spazio Apollo, Milan, Italy
Líneas, Líneas/ Flamenco and Don Quijote, Spazio Anteo, Milan, Italy
Predatores, Curated by Gianfranco Composti Cà di Frà Gallery, Milan, Italy
2007 Predatores, Curated by Italo Bergantini, Romberg Gallery, Rome, Italy
Predatores, Curated by Italo Bergantini, Romberg Gallery, Rome, Italy
Líneas, Spazio “20”, Milan, Italy
Water, Curated by P. Donini and D. Del Moro, Ducale Palace, Modena, Italy
The Animal Within Us, Gallery Ca di Frà, Milan, Italy
2006 Predatores, The Fondazione Mudima, Milan, Italy
“Hollywood’s Eyes” and the series of “Don Quijote”, Crapapelada, Milan, Italy
Live to die, Crispi Gallery, Rome, Italy
Predatores, Piccola Galleria, Venice, Italy
2005 Dying to live, Gallery Hera Arte Contemporanea, Brescia, Italy
2005 Dying to live, Galleria Rubin, Milan, Italy

Group Exhibition
2017 Ricapitolando, curated by Roberto Gramiccia, Plus arte Plus, Rome, Italy
2015 Un mondo di pane, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, Italy
Shots of Bread, Mediateca di Santa Teresa, Milan, Italy
2014 The World Outside, The World Inside” Ugolini Castle, Verona, Italy
L’arte al tempo della crisi, Triennale, Milan, Italy
Non di solo pane, Curated by Susanna Vallebona, Spazio Oberdan, Milan, Italy
2013 Wunder Kammer, Curated by L. Galli and M. Mazzotta, Skira Catalogue, Poldi Pezzoli Museum, Milan, Italy
Warriors of Light, Contemporary Concept Art Gallery, Bologna, Italy
Looking Inside Out, Rosarte Space Gallery, Rome, Italy
2012 The art of multiplying the art, Curated by S. Vallebona, Spazio al bello, Milan, Italy
Eyes, Visual d’Art Gallery, Menaggio, Como Lake, Italy
2011 Elephant Parade, Milan, Italy
2010 Artists Showcase, Gallery Doppia V, Lugano, Switzerland
Water, Atelier casa perla, Dongo, Italy
Ediciones, Galería Clave, Murcia, Spain
Selfportraits, Gallery Ca’ di Fra’, Milan

Art Fairs
2015 WunderKammer Grand Tour, ART STAYS, 13th Festival of Contemporary Art, Ptuj , Slovenia
Contemporary Art Fair, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Neaples Art Fair, Italy
2014 Honk Kong Contemporary Art Fair, Hong Kong
Art Fair Verona, Verona, Italy
2013 Affordable Art Fair, Milan, Italy
Genova Art Fair, Genova, Italy
Honk Kong Contemporary Art Fair, Hong Kong
2012 Art Stays, Ptuj, Slovenia
Padova Art Fair, Padova, italy
Verona Art Fair, Verona, Italy
2009 Step 09 Art Fair, Milan, Italy
Mi Art Fair, Milan, Italy
Verona Art Fair, Verona, Italy
Arte Padova, Padova, Italy
2006 Padova Art Fair, Padova, Italy
Brescia Art Fair, Brescia, Italy
Verona Art Fair, Verona, Italy


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