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  Eunyoung Cho

Eunyoung Cho

1987 Chung-ang University College of Arts
1996 Chung-ang University School of Social Department, Western Painting (MA in Literature)

Exhibition / Solo Exhibitions
2017  Able Fine Art NY Gallery, New York, USA
2016  Gwanghwarang, Seoul, Korea
2015  Able Fine Art NY Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2015  Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2013  Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

Selected Exhibition & Group Exhibition
2017  Korean People’s Artist Association, Seoul, Korea
2016  Korean People’s Artist Association, Seoul, Korea
2016  Modern Person Society Masterpiece, Seoul, Korea
2014  Korean People’s Artist Association, Seoul, Korea
2015  Korean People’s Artist Association, Seoul, Korea

Art Fair
2017  AAF Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
2017  AAF Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
2015  AAF Battersea, London, UK

Member of Koran People’s Artist Association
Teaching at Culture Center - Human body drowing class

* Review
Visual Interaction in the abstract space

Seunghun Lee, Cyart research institute

Eunyoung Cho, the artist presenting the internal reflection of human through the harmony of human body and abstract space with malerisch formativeness, holds this exhibition to suggest some distinctive changes. the basic approach starting from physical tense of specific pose toward abstract space is consistent but the abstract has been expanded further. while in former works the abstractness has played a supporting role as background, its significance gets grown in this exhibition. This abstract space is created by diffusing from the shadowed human body like dark hair to eventually absorbed to the space of deep darkness under strong contrast of light and shade when the light dropped from the body passes every valley of body to reach the space. the body exists as a channel toward the darkness. The specific pose also works as a guide for viewer’s eye to be attracted to the deep darkness of strong abstract space. Unlike realistic descreiption on surface of human body, the delicate changes in feeling of color of the abstract space make it more dreamlike, inrealistic one under strong contrast of light and shade. With eyes following the stream from the back of body to the shadow, the artist induces the viewer to experience visual enlightenment as if there seems vague demarcation of a reality and virtual reality through strong contrast of realistic human body and abstract space. this space expanding from the body disappears but leaves in only dark colors and a piece of drawing, letting us feel new prospect of purity. Compared to the former works which has equivalent allocation between human body and abstract space, the artist makes the viewer’s eye drawn deeply into the world of unreality with sensuousness. This world of unreality seems to indicate relevance with internal reflection rather than routine terms in real life. closely looking into the brushstrokes in the abstract space of the pieces, it is found that those are unique traces from the artist’s own life. They seem a piece of huge sentimental waves or the wreckage of internal chaos. His abstract space in each work remains a repository and a scene of every gesture from such internal perturbation. Especially in this exhibition, there can be found specific characters or signs in the abstract space but hard to figure out their implication, It seems to suggest how to present the internal reflection of the artist. In other words, with vague symbols floating in the abstract space like a sort of monologue, the artist carefully delivers her intention to speak out as well as secrets its referential or clear meaning. There is nobody without hard time or secrets to hide from others. such memories or experiences have inconsistency to be disclosed but concealed at the same time and it causes intense confusion in mind. As an exit to relieve such internal panic, the artist is seemes to find his works playing in the interaction with someone outside. By sharing the story behind images in shadowy back of human body, the artist would try to interact with the viewers about the would beyond the reality. While presenting dark shadow and debris from the back of the body, it seems to suggest the most strong and clear message about the artist;s inside even though there is no specific figure such as any physical pose or expression. The artist might know that the abstract space is not for specific content but for clear message about the internal reflection and the chosen approach is the best way to share her ideas with the world. By expressing her internal chaos, the artist might try to heal herself but yet the reason she has shown strong will to communicate with others lies in universality of internal agony which every human has during his or her life. Every person has different life and problems but there is no one without difficulties. That’s the reason why the artist keeps addressing. Vague signals in the abstract space such a mutter no one can hear or a sound out of linguistic structure are born in the artist’s own experience but every viewer can find his or her own story in them. It would be unconventional experience to reflect out own life and learn how to interact in nonverbal way.


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