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She was born Korea in 1963
2001 Graduated from Department of Fine Arts Education at Ewha Graduate School of Education
1987 Graduated from Department of Painting at Ewha Womans University

Exhibition / Solo Exhibitions
2019 Song of tree -‘secret of nature’ (Son’s Gallery, Zurich)
2019 Song of tree -‘secret of nature’ (Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul)
2018 Song of tree-'difference' (United Art Gallery, Seoul)
2018 Blossom (Invitational Exhibition of Far beyond Gallery, Seoul)
2018 Circulation (Invitational Exhibition of Art Wall Gallery, Seoul)
2017 ‘Beyond the wind’ Exhibition (Able Fine Art NY gallery, Seoul)
2017 ‘Beyond the wind’ Exhibition (Able Fine Art NY gallery, New York)
2016 ‘grow diary’ Exhibition (Mana gallery Invitational Solo Exhibition, Seoul)
2015 'Grow-old' Exhibition (Gana art space, Seoul)
2010 'Wind Song' Exhibition (Artzio Gallery, Invitational Solo Exhibition, Seoul)
2008 'The City View of the Wind' Exhibition (Insa Art Center, Seoul)
2008 'Refresh' Exhibition (Jiguchon Gallery, Invitational Solo Exhibition, Seoul)
2008 'I Swill Heart' Exhibition (Galley Ewha, Invitational Solo Exhibition, Seoul)
2006 'Rest in Memory' Exhibition (Space HaaM, Invitational Solo Exhibition, Seoul)
2004 'Growth' Exhibition (Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul)
2003 'The story of my print' Exhibition (IDNTT space, Invitational Solo Exhibition, Seoul)

Selected Exhibition & Group Exhibition
2019 Ewha Plane Mental Exhibition (Godo Gallery, Seoul)
2019 Opening planning for three presentations (Piamo Gallery, Seoul)
2019 Invited Exhibition of Contemporary Artists (LP Gallery, Paju)
2019 Korean Women Artists Association Exhibition Jeonju (Chosun Llbo Art Museum, Seoul)
2018 Lee Seo-jeon (Insa Art Center, Seoul)
2018 Belles cheses Christmas exhibition (Beyond Gallery, Seoul)
2018 Korea Art Association Exhibition (Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul)
2018 Ewha Flat Display (A-Lounge, Seoul)
2018 Korean Women Artists Association Exhibition Jeonju (Kyodong Art Museum, Jeonju)
2018 Post Avant-Garde in Korea (Gaia Gallery, Seoul)
2018 Spice the Space (Chosun Ilbo Museum, Seoul)
2018 The PyeongChang Olympic Games Successful Exhibition (291 Gallery, Seoul)
2018 4 Symbolic plants exhibition <Thematic Exhibition> (Lausanne, Switzerland)
2018 Drawing a picture of one family (Kookmin Bank kb63 Gallery, Seoul)
2017 Small Charity Exhibition (Yugangwadang Museum, Seoul)
2017 Singing the richness (Andong Culture and Arts Hall, Andong)
2017 ‘Omnibus’ Exhibition (Able Fine Art NY Gallery, New York)
2017 Korean fashionism art (291 Gallery, Seoul)
2016 happy before the meeting (291 Gallery, Seoul)
2016 Eseo Exhibition (Insa Art Center, Seoul)

Art fair
2024    Context MIAMI.  USA
2024    AAF Singapore. USA
2024    AAF new york. USA
2024    Seattle art fair. USA
2024    AAF Hong Kong Hong Kong
2024    San Francisco Art Fair USA
2024    LA Art Show USA
2023    Context Miami, Miami, USA
2023    AAF Singapore. Singapore
2023    AAF Battersea Park. London UK
2023    Art on Paper. USA
2023    AAF New York, USA
2023    Hampton Fine Art New York, USA
2023    AAF Sydney. Austria
2023    AAF Hong Kong Hong Kong
2023    AAF Brussels. Belgium
2019 Context Miami, Miami, USA
2019 Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2019 Affordable Art Fair Battersea Park, London, UK
2019 Art Expo Malaysia, MECC, Malaysia
2019 Affordable Art Fair Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
2019 Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, Hampstead, UK
2019 Affordable Art Fair Brussels, Brussels, Belgium
2019 London Art Fair, London, UK
2019 Art Busan International Art Fair (Bexco, Busan)
2018 Seoul Art Show (Coex, Seoul)
2018 Ewha Art Fair 2018 (Ewha Art Center, Ewha Gallery, Seoul)
2017 AAF Amsterdam (De Kromhouthal Gedempt Hamerkanaal, Netherlands)
2017 Singapore Affordable Art Fair (republic Boulevard, Singapore)
2017 Art Gyeongju (Gyeongju Convention, Gyeongju, Korea)
2016 Singapore Affordable Art Fair (Republic Boulevard, Singapore)
2016 KIAF2016 (Korea International art fair) (Coex, Seoul)
2016 Art, Busan International art fair 2016 KOREA (BEXCO, Busan)
2015 France Sarcelles Print Biennale (Sarcelles, France)
2015 Switzerland Montreux Art fair (Montreux convention, Switzerland)
2011 KCAF/ 'Wind Song' Exhibition (Korea's Representing Art Festival (Seoul Arts Center)
Awards and Selection
2016 The National Museum of Modern Art Bank works selected
2015 Sarcelles, France Print Biennial Selected Works
2014 Seoul Foundation for Arts selected campaign baramnan art
2011 KCAF Fine Arts Exhibition / Galerie Gallery Competition Selection Support artists
2009 Art Seoul / Competition selection support artists
2005 Art Seoul / Competition selection support artists
2002 Contemporary Prints Contest)
2001 Contemporary Prints Contest
2001 Republic of Korea art Exhibition prize
1998 Republic of Korea art Exhibition prize
1998 Contemporary Prints Contest

*Artist's Statement
Growth Diary (memory and dream)
Dead trees are said to be unshaken. The tree that shakes in the wind (time, flow, life, everyday life) is alive.
However, the tree is rooted in its place, sustaining and sustaining life. Perfection is not a mere presence, but a process of shaking, balancing, growing, and mature.
For me, wood is fear, sometimes with love, rest and symbolic material that, although the wind as the air is invisible, as can be seen watching the sway of the trees, invisible, but I want to say that the story of our life existence.
One of the earliest of all living creatures is human. Mental maturity is a lifelong work.
Plants grow by absorbing adequate sunlight and nutrients, but actual growth is said to take place during the night rather than the day.
Humans may grow and mature in limited circumstances when there is such a dark time that night can be called.
Through plants, trees, and everyday materials, we recall the growth and maturation processes of human beings who accompany growing cramps.
The present I am a mirror of what I grew up in the past, the remnants of the past can see me now. So again, the precious life of the present dreams a beautiful and mature future.
It makes me wait for the mature fruit bearing day.

The scenes of the city of wind
Kim Mi-Jin
(Art Director, Exhibitions, Seoul Arts Center and professor, Hongik University’s Graduate School of Art)
Park Sin-Sook paints everyday life scenes that are readily visible in the cities. Although the painting in which trees are painted against the gray background is made of very simple structure, the painting comprises rich and energetic screen since the energy of the interior is embraced with the touch of sharp and short lines. With lines that are deeply engraved against the gray monotone background where thick physical properties are hidden and the work that continued to cover the lines, the work depicts the metaphor which is the gray city, and the scene of the nature that breathes in it. Park Sin-Sook’s work appears if it projects onto the painter’s environment. Although everyday life in the ordinary cities where the same everyday life continues every day, there are sensitive and subtle changes in the cities. Through the nature that breathes in the gray colored city, people reflect on themselves and breathe. From one tree on the street that we see in front of our house, we can feel the spring, summer, fall and winter, and feel the changes of the air and the wind that are different from morning to night. The life of the people today who do not live amidst the war or calamity is mostly universal and ordinary. This rather trivial, seemingly repetitive everyday life pertains to the people today who live in the cities. Human beings’ historical experiences can be expressed in diverse way when it comes to dramatic themes such as calamity or war by dramatic scenes. However, expressing what is ordinary is very challenging. Park Sin-Sook paints with the theme that showcases the seasonal changes through the subtle wind when it comes to the scene of every day nature. In the background on the canvas, many colors are painted over each other to create sense of thickness, and gray paint is painted over it. This is the shadow of the tree that is hanging against the gray wall, but also the actual life that instills life into the gray space. Dug out lines make the audience feel the season by creating subtle changes along with the rhythm of the wind. Sometimes, color of the season is slightly added on the line.

Park Sin-Sook’s work is mostly monotone. Thus, there are no major changes, but it is possible for the audience to feel the many contents of the inside that include desire, preconception, incompleteness and complexity through the hidden Matiere, color and touch and color that are slightly visible. However, the author showcases them in a disciplined and subtle manner. The painter tries to showcase the realities of the creation and existence amidst very detailed, sensitive and small changes.

Diverse attempts pertaining the touch of line based on the Ying and Yang method enables the audience to experience not only visual but also sense of touch. Although many events take place in the city including accidents and incidents, the every day life covers them to make them look peaceful. Although we live in a complicated and dangerous city, we tend to think peacefully because we are used to the every day life. Likewise, Park Sin-Sook’s painting is the metaphor and expression of the algorithm that is hidden at the inside. Expression of the tree that instills life into a gray city is very important for Park Sin-Sook. She is conducting research on the line of wind jus like she worked on it all her life, searching for the changes pertaining to the Rembrandt’s light, Van Gogh’s touch, and Monet’s air. Park Sin-Sook’s dignified working method that searches for changes slowly while keeping the inside in discipline is expressed freely with lines like the color of impressionist, and the color and Martiere that are hidden at the inside of the gray light are expected to play their roles as the formative languages of the painting while escaping gradually.


Beyond the boundary - beyond the boundary between reason and emotion
 Rather than focusing on interpretation of trees as the subject of the work ,
It is an intuitively imprinted poetic image .
 Trees embodied in images allow us to imagine our inner memories including wind , air , and light .
It is condensed into a comprehensive image, enabling a refined emotional feeling .
 The tree in the idea is a material that exists beyond the boundary between reason and emotion.
I dreamt of the ideal and wanted to put it on the screen .
 Nature changes and grows in the secret stillness .
Nature that exists on its own is similar to the process of human maturation .
The tree, expressed by inner necessity, faces inward,
Beyond that, it expands its boundaries .
 The poetic image is empty, but it is filled with time ,
Through repetition and difference through work, it has its own uniqueness .
 Circles , squares , and triangles sometimes appear in the background of the screen ,
These are the heavens , the earth , and the people . _ _ _ _
 Through trees growing against gravity
It gives the meaning that heaven and earth are connected ,
It was a change in the work with geometrical modeling .


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