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B.F.A Fine Arts Graduation Hongik University, Seoul, Korea

Selected Exhibition / Solo Exhibitions
2017 ‘Conversation’ Able fine art NY gallery Invitation, New York, USA
2015 ‘Conversation’ Able fine art NY gallery Invitation, Seoul, Korea
2014 ‘Conversation’ NH nong hyeup sin chon Bank Invitation, Seoul, Korea
2012 ‘Conversation’ Able fine art NY gallery Invitation, Seoul, Korea
2012 ‘Conversation’ Able fine art NY gallery Invitation, New York, USA
2011 ‘Conversation’ Insa art center, Seoul, Korea 
2011 ‘Conversation’ Open Studio, Gapyeoung, Korea
2010 ‘Conversation’ Able fine art NY gallery Invitation, New York, USA
2010 ‘Conversation’ Hamigang gallery Invitation, Seou, Korea
2003 ‘Conversation’Gapyeoung art center, Gapyeoung, Korea

Selected Exhibition & Group Exhibition
2017 Nong Group Exhibition, INI Gallery Jejudo, Korea
2017 The 44th ARTEX Seoul 2017, Godo gallery, Korea
2016    Able Fine Art NY Gallery Group Exhibition, New York, USA
2013 Jara Island International Baggat Art Invitation Exhibition, Jara Island, Korea

Selected Art Fair
2022 Bama Busan, Seoul Korea
2019 Context Miami, Miami, USA
2019 Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2019 Affordable Art Fair Battersea Park, London, UK
2019 Art Expo Malaysia, MECC, Malaysia
2019 Affordable Art Fair Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
2019 Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, Hampstead, UK
2019 Affordable Art Fair Brussels, Brussels, Belgium
2019 London Art Fair, London, UK
2018 Context Miami, Miami, USA
2018 Affordable Art Fair Battersea Park, London, UK
2018 Art Expo, New York, USA
2018 Context NY, New York, USA
2018 Art Expo, Las Vegas, USA
2017 Affordable Art Fair Battersea Park, London, UK
2017 Affordable Art Fair New York, New York, USA
2017 Art Up, Parc Expo Rouen, Avenue des Canadiens, France
2017 LA Art Show, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, USA
2016 ST-ART Fair, Strasbourg, France
2016 Art.Fair, Cologne, Germany
2016 Affordable Art Fair Battersea Park, London, UK
2016 Art Hamptons, NY, USA
2016 Affordable Art Fair Milano, Milano, Italy
2016 LA ART SHOW 2016, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, USA
2015 Korea International Art Fair (KIAF), COEX, Seoul, Korea
2015 World Art Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2015 Affordable Art Fair New York, NY, USA
2015 London art fair 2015, BUSINESS DESIGN CENTRE, London, UK
2014 AAF LONDON Hampstead 2014, London, UK
2014 AAF Singapore, Singapore

Present : Member of Korean Fine Art Association

* Review

Conversations with Ourselves, Memories of Earthlight

Robert C. Morgan

There are two things to consider while looking at the paintings of Young Ho Seock : one, they inform the eye through color and light; and two, they inform the mind through tactile sensation and feeling. In fact, light and touch are both forms of sensation. The retina feels bright light coming in as the hand feels the sensation of earth and minerals in the process of mapping the surface.
As a painter, Young Ho Seock uses color to produce his own form of light, and in producing light, he provides us with a sense of form. The artist’s hand is not merely an afterthought, but is a sign that reveals the evidence of painting, or painting conceived as an action in time and space. Young Ho Seock invents the surface, re - arranges it, in ways that allow the paint to come alive. The color is applied and re - applied layer upon layer, embedding light into the surface that provides an aura of illumination.
Before the advent of electronic light, the human eye perceived light differently than we do today. Until the beginning of the twentieth century, light was a fact of nature, and through nature, color came into art by way of minerals found in the soil. The soil was the source of color, which had the capability of recreating light through an illusory means on canvas. Seock is less interested in creating illusion than in giving the viewer the actual feeling of the earth through the sensation of light and touch. This means that the trace of his fingers registers an imprint of a human hand, a gatherer who has gone into nature and brought back specimens that bring color and light his paintings.
It is curious that Seock works in a relatively small-to-medium scale.
This allows a sense of intimacy, focus, and concentration. When the pigment is an all - over blue pigment, the visual experience is different from that of viewing a charcoal or red surface. Similarly, one might say that green is different than pyrite. When the cluster of tactile energy is pulled into the center of a painter, the experience is different from an empty space where the elliptical cluster of energy resides inside the pigment pulled toward the exterior frame. Our understanding of these paintings is contingent on knowing the colors used by Young Ho Seock come directly from the earth. Therefore, the light that resides in these colors is earthlight, not a simulated form of light, produced by an electrical current.
The importance of these paintings should be clear to anyone who endures the various forms of simulation that have dissuaded us from a way of living removed from the origins of our humanness. As we have removed ourselves from nature, we have paid the price, which has led to diminishing returns in our ability to see our motivations and to recognize what is happening around us. Our sensory ability toward the importance of touch in relation to nature has also diminished, and has out ability to recognize the feel of objects, animals, plants, and other human beings.
As art has in some ways come closer to life, it has more to teach us. By seeing color and light and by arbitrating the artist’s sense of tactility, we are permitted to perceive our reality more clearly – with greater fortitude and solace, with an ability to move more easily in relation to thought and perception, Seeing beyond our selves, and hearing more than our own echo.
The earthlight paintings of Young Ho Seock have much to teach us, and in the process of teaching us, we have another kind or relaxed enjoyment – the presence of color of light in our everyday lives, the focus on being in a world connected to nature, rather insisting on positioning ourselves apart from it.
I believe this is what the artist Young Ho Seock means when he titles his paintings “Conversations.” His paintings give us the opportunity to have a conversation with ourselves and to move in a direction closer to our instinctive memory of


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